Python Web App

This app was written using the streamlit library, and features a Keras/TensorFlow machine learning demo that predicts the chance of becoming diabetic based on various lifestyle parameters. The app is deployed on a Docker container on AWS Fargate.


This mobile application leverages AI to detect skin cancer. The app displays a live video stream along with the probability distribution of benign vs. cancerous. By applying Applied transfer learning on Inception V3 model, I was able to boost the accuracy of the prediction.

Autonomous Vehicular Traffic Management

Our team designed an algorithm for a future where the majority of vehicles are networked and autonomous. By simulating a “no-stop intersection” where vehicles space themselves apart such that two opposite streams of traffic can pass through an intersection simultaneously without stopping, we saved travel time by 11%.

  • Python
  • Unix shell (bash)
  • C++
  • Swift (iOS)
  • Java (Android)

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